The Unknown is coming

Every year, many young people have to make the difficult decision of what to do with their university education. What should I study? How do I prepare better for the future? It is not an easy decision to take on how to make the most of these 4 years. How do you ensure you gain the right experience and learn the best tools that will help you face a future that is increasingly uncertain to everyone?

Col·legi Montserrat students have been the stars of this short film created by Teamlabs:

“1000 likes” theater against cyberbullying

Students from 1st and 2nd os ESO at the Col·legi Montserrat have been part of this interactive play where a cyberbullying case at school is presented. After witnessing the violence the main character suffers after having a small problem at school, our students have had the chance to re-write the whole play, scene by scene, in order to change the story.

Tràiler #1000LIKES de Nus Teatre from Nus Teatre on Vimeo.



iFest – i2CAT award – Most innovating team

Innovation competition iFest brings together future entrepreneurs in technology, science and innovation. More than 5.000 teenagers met at the Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona) to design innovative solutions. 

It’s a team contest where the organizers propose four areas of action and every team design technologies related to areas as AI, biotechnology, ioT or virtual reality.

The Col·legi Montserrat team composed by Blanca Sabé, Aleix Balust and Camilo Saravia became winners of the “i2CAT Award to the most innovative team” with their project “Age to Swim” that incorporates a tactile screen on pool bottoms so children can interact with different games.